Indian Chill Lounge (2013)

Дата: 16 марта 2013 | govoryn2009
Indian Chill Lounge (2013)

Исполнитель: VA
Жанр: Lounge, ChillOut
Дата: 2013
Формат/Качество: mp3/320 kbps
Кол-во треков: 15
Размер: 209 MB

01. Sunset in Delhi (Bollywood Mix) - Soundloungers
02. New Heaven-Old Gods (Cafe vs. Chai Tea Mix)) - Dragon Kingdom
03. Mumbai At Night (Pearls of Mare Mix) - DJ Rhami Khan and the Shake People
04. Serenity Moves (Relax Your Mind Mix) - Blank Division
05. Elements of Nature (Light of the Bar Mix) - Soho Travelers
06. Crystal Time (Harlem Mix) - Retro Chillerz
07. Inception of Life (Birdy Monster People Mix) - Ms. Jones and the Fireflies
08. Washed Sins (Lindsey Loves Lions Mix) - Random Thinking
09. Magic and Spirit (Chill in the Club Mix) - Gold Fools
10. Life of the Tiger (Pi Enigma Mix) - Electric Mist
11. Flower - Flower (Chillout Mix) - Me-Lounge
12. Sleepless Eyes (Beyond the Beach Mix) - Unchained Bars
13. 1001 Nights (feat. Fairy) [Harder But No Punk Mix] - Peacefull Souls
14. Diamonds of India (Lost and Found Mix) - Skyraiders
15. Follow Rivers (Li La Finger Mix) - Timejumpers

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