Margrave Manor Bundle 2-in-1 [FINAL]

Дата: 8 августа 2011 | sirop245
Margrave Manor Bundle 2-in-1 [FINAL]

Пак из двух прекрасных игры в жанре "Поиск предметов":
* The Secret of Margrave Manor;
* Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship.

Margrave Manor Bundle 2-in-1 [FINAL]

Embark on two spooky hidden object adventures in Margrave Manor. Play as Edwina and search for your missing grandfather. Then search a long-lost ship for his legendary hidden treasure in Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship!

Find hundreds of objects across two games;
* Unlock odd puzzles to enter Manor rooms;
* Excellent replay as items change location each time;
* View your medley of items in your collection room;
* Discover your family's forgotten past.

Sime: 105,22Mб.

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