Falcon Four’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.0 (2010/ENG)

Дата: 26 августа 2010 | sany22
Falcon Four’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.0 (2010/ENG)

Этот загрузочник умещает в себе самые полезные, популярные и лучшие программы, которые которые только могут понадобится. Выбрано лучшее из бесплатного и комерческого ПО, и умещено всё в один образ, который умещается на одном CD диске и читается любым компьютером как с привода, так и с USB.

Оснавное назначение: резервного копирования, тестирования, обслуживания и восстановления работоспособности ПК

This is the Ultimate Boot CD that I've used myself, and all the combined tools I use for PC
diagnostics at the shop I work at. It's been part of my toolbox for years. With the release of
Hiren's BootCD 9.7, the entire playing field has been shifted, with the new MiniXP boot
functionality. It's a 30mb image that loads and decompresses into RAM, then boots Windows off RAM
at lightning speed - including reading to RAM, it appears to boot even faster than off a hard
drive... and still gives you network (and internet) functionality on many PCs. Many drivers for net
and SATA are built right in, but you can load anything with the F6 driver prompt during startup.

Hiren's XP BootCD is an extremely useful diagnostic tool, and is at the heart of this BootCD.
However, several techs (myself included) have found issues with the lack of easy access to the
multitude of tools on the disc, so I created a modification platform to add shortcuts to popular
applications right on the desktop, made several adjustments, added a bunch of tools, and even put
much of the modification power right in your hands. With F4UBCD 4.0, it's now easier than ever to
just drop a folder in, add a line, and get your own program added.

Many techs use ERD Commander, which (after the Microsoft acquisition) is now known as Microsoft
DaRT - the Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit. It's a considerably smaller (than Hiren/UBCD4Win) set
of extremely useful and specialized tools to repair Windows. I've repackaged the XP version into a
lightning-fast-booting compressed RAM disk, and added DaRT 6.0 for Windows Vista. Both versions
include tools like Offline System Restore, System File Checker, and Crash Analyzer.

If you work in a tech shop, you know the pain of user passwords. The typical order of business
would be to use NTPWEdit to erase the login passwords (replaces Active Password Changer). However,
Kon-Boot actually patches the Windows kernel in RAM during startup, causing it to ignore an
incorrect password at login! You can log in without entering the user's password, perform your
tech duties, shut the system off, and their password stays intact. It's still an experimental tool,
and often fails to start on many computers, but it's a great new tool that makes a valuable
addition to a tech toolkit.

Системные требования: PC CPU 1.5 GHz RAM ~1GB

Контрольные суммы (MD5):
Образ: 3E70F4B9F26B689A4F41F8812AFC07F5
Архив: FC4A502B4577C63FD567089BD2C1AAB1

Релиз выпущен: 2010
Версия: 4.0
Язык интерфейса: ENG
Таблэтка: не требуется
Тип файла: iso/rar( +5% )
Размер файла: 683 MB

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