jAlbum 11

Дата: 15 марта 2013 | Bigest_Group
jAlbum 11

Jalbum - программа для автоматического создания веб-галерей. Для этого достаточно мышкой перетащить в окно программы папку с картинками, и она сгенерирует галерею с уменьшенными копиями изображений (или Slide-Show вариант). Впрочем, возможен и ручной режим работы с полным контролем над создаваемым проектом, в том числе с использованием имеющихся фильтров изображений, настройкой стилей, использованием данных IPTC/EXIF и т. п.

Чтобы бесплатно воспользоваться хостингом производителя для публикации проектов, нужно зарегистрировать имя и почтовый адрес. В утилите представлено несколько шаблонов и скинов, а на сайте разработчика доступна целая коллекция.

Что нового в этой версии:
News and Updates
Converts over 160 video formats suitable for the web (mp4)
Auto detects and adjusts video orientation
Allows videos to be rotated
Videos can have their start and end trimmed
Generates preview images for videos
Supported video formats are configurable under preferences. There is also a master switch to enable/disable video support under Preferences
Now smart enough to pick the latest skin version from disk, be it either a bundled skin or an installed skin (Previously just picked an installed skin, if present)
If skin related error occurs, a friendly error dialogue is now displayed helping users to update skin and report errors. (Switch on debug mode to get the classic error dialogue)
New license info panel under "About jAlbum" window
Bundled the Arty ("Instagram" like effects) and AutoCorrection image tools
Support for rotating all images, not just images coming straight from digital cameras (having EXIF data)
Tags published albums containing processed videos with a "video" tag
If unexpected internal errors occur (stuff printed to System.err), will display a small warning icon in the lower right corner. Clicking it will bring up the error message in the System console.
Remembers divider location, if "Remember window position and size" set
New pro looking program icons
New 128x128 web icon set
Minor user interface adjustments
Includes updates to Turtle, Base, Mr.Burns and Lumen skins
Clicking the thumbnail icon for the current album project will leave edit mode and return you to the thumbnail view (and root folder)
Developers: Now sets closeupPath for supported videos to slide page to enable embedded videos
Developers: New API for unzipping and downloading
Developers: Added the skin variables "videoWidth" and "videoHeight", that will give you the dimensions of the processed/final video (only present if video support is switched on)
Developers: Added file category support (fileCategory variable)
Developers: Blur filter now accepts different radius/strength

Bug fixes
Fixed bug causing editing of moved objects to break
Fix for nullpointer exception bug when painting thumbnails
Fix for custom image size error (custom maxImageWidth etc ignored when generating variables)
Fix to error linking to non existent slide pages
Fixed bug causing style hints to sometimes not being applied
Fixed "Invalid code" error when activating license
Fixed folder ordering bug for folders ending in a space
Fixed bug where folder thumbnails did not always have the movie thumbnail painted right
Handles cases where Apache Sanselan can't include xmp metadata in generated hi-res images during upload
Fixed bug causing infinite loop when enlarging images
Various minor fixes

Дата: 2013
Платформа: Windows All
Интерфейс: Multilanguage (Русский)
Лекарство: не нужно
Размер: 59.71 Mb

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