Able2Extract PDF Converter 9.0.5

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Able2Extract PDF Converter 9.0.5

Able2Extract PDF Converter - это мощный PDF конвертер, который одним нажатием на кнопку преобразует документ PDF в слайд презентации PowerPoint. Программа автоматически разместит перенесенный текст в специальных блоках, а также преобразует векторную графику, используемую в файле PDF, в растровое изображение. Поддержка каскадных таблиц стилей поможет сохранить в неприкосновенности текст, графику и элементы форматирования оригинального документа.

К другим функциональным возможностям Able2Extract, заслуживающим отдельного упоминания, стоит отнести:
• Возможность конвертирования документов PDF в файлы MS Excel (с возможностью настройки столбцов и строк, составления рабочих книг и др.).
• Функцию сохранения гиперссылок при конвертировании файлов PDF в формат Word.
• Возможность копирования в буфер изображений и выделенных областей страницы.

What’s New Able2Extract PDF Converter 8:
Cross Platform
• In a first for any fully featured PDF converter, Able2Extract 8 is cross platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. No matter which of the 3 platforms you are working, you’ll get all the features of Able2Extract 8. In addition, when you purchase a license key, you will be able to work off and switch between any of the 3 platforms you choose.
Improved PDF Viewing
• Part of Able2Extract 8’s technology rebuild included a new and improved PDF viewer developed from the ground up by our development team. The reason we undertook such a product was build leaner, faster PDF viewing that is going to open larger PDF files and will show the PDF in the same high quality as Adobe. The benefit to the user is two-fold: First, will be the ability to open more files and show the PDF in a higher fidelity. Secondly, with a higher quality viewing experience the resulting PDF conversion output is improved.
New Advanced Custom Excel
• As part of the Able2Exract 8 development process, our team looked at our custom excel conversion and made it better. The new advanced custom excel conversion option is more visual, easier to use and is much more powerful. Our new advanced document preview pane lets users preview their conversion before making it. The result is increased accuracy and additional time savings.
Improved PDF Conversion
• Able2Extract Professional 8 has made incremental improvements in its PDF conversion output as a result of the updated OCR technology and the improved PDF rendering. The result is PDF conversions to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are more accurate and stay truer to the actual PDF document once it is converted back into its native form.
Document Thumbnails
• The PDF viewer interface has been made more powerful in Able2Extract 8 through a document viewing module that lets users see thumbnails of each page of the PDF document. This is a tremendous time saving benefit for users as it provides a quick way to scroll through the PDF document in order to pinpoint the exact place where they would like to make their PDF conversion.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9.0.5

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2014
Платформа: Windows® 8/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: cracked-WD
Размер файла: 52.06 MB

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